Sex Across The Decades: Sex In Your 60's

Couple in their 60s

It’s wild to look back and notice how the relationship we have to sex changes over the years. Usually depending on how we are feeling at that time and in our own bodies. 

As we age and our hormones shift, it can feel stifling to watch the desire for sex wane, and along with that, performance and a sense of satisfaction. This experience can change the entire approach to how you go about initiating sex with or without a partner. It can make spontaneity rare and almost impossible, leading to feelings of hopelessness and limiting thoughts like, “what’s the point in even trying?” 

Having sex in your 60s can look like taking longer to get in the mood, needing help augmenting moisture and strengthening an erection, and a lot more foreplay.  As we get older, a lot of people report seeing the benefit in making sex feel like a drawn out special ritual. Sex can easily start to feel like work, so making it feel special can be a reminder to play and have fun in the bedroom! 

With aging, it can be harder to feel confident in our bodies; which can make it that much more challenging to feel sexy and turned on. So finding ways to feel more confident can improve performance and satisfaction. Getting and staying in the mood can be the hardest aspect about sex as we age. 

Our clientele reports that our Firmtech accessories add a sense of confidence and sexy foreplay to their experience. It’s reportedly “fun to use as part of foreplay, putting it on your partner.” Instead of potential resignation or disappointment, using Firmtech has increased a sense of excitement and confidence because customers report seeing an immediate response once you put it on. No longer do they have to wait 30 minutes to an hour for pharmaceuticals to take effect. Firmtech’s immediate effectiveness makes it easier for sex to feel spontaneous and playful, rather than scheduled work. All of this ends up increasing the frequency of desire, because it can improve your sense of confidence and hopefulness in receiving and giving pleasure to the fullest extent. It’s a way for couples to not give up on their sex lives. Just because you’re in your 60s, doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your sex life!