Is Erectile Dysfunction Caused By Aging?

Erectile Dysfunction with Age

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is the most common sexual dysfunction that occurs as men age.  ED rates increase 10% each decade after 50. In a recent study, it was discovered that nearly 40% of men are affected by ED by 40 and nearly 70% of men suffer from ED by the time they reach 70.

In general, the younger the man, the more likely that ED will be due to anxiety and/or alcohol and recreational drug use. As men age, ED becomes a likely symptom of cardiovascular disease and other medical concerns, as well  the result of naturally decreasing levels of testosterone.

Medical conditions which can be compounded with age and lead to ED:



Nearly 75% of diabetic men will experience Erectile Dysfunction at some point.  Long-term lack of blood sugar maintenance can damage blood vessels and nerves in a man’s body leading to ED. In fact, men with diabetes will experience ED 15 years before their peers.  By age 50, 50% of men overall experience ED making the average age of ED occurrence in Diabetic men, 35.

Diabetes is also linked to other medical conditions which can also lead to ED including high blood pressure and heart disease.

High Blood Pressure

Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is another leading cause of Erectile Dysfunction.  According to the American Heart Association, 1 in every 3 adults struggles with hypertension.  In short, hypertension is when the heart is working too hard to provide blood to the rest of the body, causing stress on the arteries. High blood pressure, in turn, increases risk of stroke, heart problems, kidney issues, and sexual dysfunction: including ED.

High Cholesterol and LDLs

Atherosclerosis due to high cholesterol and low density lipoproteins (LDLs) can lead to Erectile Dysfunction as well as  heart disease. 

Heart Disease

Many men who have experienced a cardiac episode or heart attack had reported ED in the years prior.  ED may be an early indicator of heart disease and risk for stroke.  Plaque buildup in arteries can ultimately limit blood flow to the penis.


Overweight men are twice as likely to experience Erectile Dysfunction than their counterparts.  Obesity increases the risk of heart disease and allows for a build-up of fats on the arterial walls which hinders blood flow to the rest of the body, including the penis.  Obese men may also have a hormonal imbalance, such as low testosterone levels, a hormone that is crucial to getting – and sustaining – an erection. Finally, obesity can impact a man’s psychological state.  Overweight men are more likely to have lower sex drives, confidence, and interrupted sleep patterns resulting in decreased energy.

ED does not have to be a part of getting older. Older men may need more stimulation for arousal or, they may need to make lifestyle changes or implement the use of medication or ED aids. For younger men, studies have also shown that the more healthy the sex life earlier on, the lower the rates of ED later in life.

How the FirmTech Tech Ring can help track the causes of erectile dysfunction:

FirmTech tracks your firmness so you can see how a recent diagnosis, medication or lifestyle change has affected your erectile health.

If you are seeing fewer than three erections in the night this may be a sign that you are suffering from one of the above conditions.

Firm Tech Rings Are Made of Soft Proprietary Material 

FirmTech rings have been designed with am elastomer material that is safe and comfortable to wear.  Additionally, FirmTech rings can be put on and worn erect or flaccid. The unique material does not irritate the skin, allowing users to keep it on for hours without fear of pinching. As a result, wearers report extended lovemaking sessions and enhanced bedroom satisfaction, for both partners.

Customize the Fit 

Best of all, the FirmTech ring includes an easy-to-use adjustment system. After wrapping it around the penis and balls, simply tug on the belt to tighten it as needed to your personal preference. Once it has reached an ideal fit, it will not slip or move from its position.

Obvious Sexual Benefits 

By encouraging more frequent sexual activity, this ring may improve both performance and user satisfaction. All of which can lead to actual, measurable improvements in physical and mental health including improved cardiovascular health, reduced rates of diabetes and cancer, decreased stress and improved happiness within relationships.

How Do Penis Tension Rings Improve Sexual Satisfaction and Performance? 

If you have been dealing with Erectile Dysfunction, wearing this ring can help. Since it stops blood flow away from the penile base, erections last longer and feel harder while also increasing sensation. Additionally, it has been designed using a proprietary material that is safe and comfortable for all men. In addition to the elastomer material, the device is able to be put on in just three easy steps.

Enhance Sexual Performance and Pleasure 

Preventing the flow of blood away from the penis and balls increases the length of time a penis stays erect. Moreover, penis tension rings delay ejaculatory response, enhance orgasms intensity, and benefit both partners. As a result, couples reports enjoying more frequent, longer intercourse sessions, heightened satisfaction.

Mental Health Benefits 

Science has shown that frequent sexual activity can decrease blood pressure and improve overall health. In addition, regular sex can benefit happiness in both partners, improving marital satisfaction, improving sleep and decreasing stress. 

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