Sex Across The Decades: Sex In Your 40's
The way we have sex changes as we get older. This shift occurs both physically and emotionally. Not only do our bodies change, but so do our desires and our ability to experience pleasure. On one hand hormones begin shifting and on the other, by the time you reach your 40's, people tend to report having greater life experience. 
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FirmTech Inc. Awarded 2023 XBIZ Innovation Award
Last week, XBIZ recognized the Tech Ring by FirmTech Inc. as XBIZ’s 2023 “Most Innovative Sex Toy of the Year” while the Performance Ring was nominated for “The Best Male Sex Toy.”  FirmTech, a revolutionary new sex tech company, was founded by Harvard-educated physician, Dr. Elliot Justin, to help men live happier, healthier (and more pleasurable) lives.
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How to Maintain an Erection Longer?
At least 30 million American men will struggle at some point in their lives with getting – and maintaining an erection.  While older men and men with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension are at the greatest risk for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the incidence is 20% by age 30.

 Many factors may help improve your sexual stamina and ability to maintain an erection longer: READ BELOW

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How CBD Gummies Might Help ED

Erectile dysfunction and CBD

There’s no conclusive evidence that CBD can be used to treat ED, but there is research suggesting CBD can treat some of the underlying causes. Preliminary studies have shown CBD to decrease anxiety, relieve stress, improve blood flow and treat pain - all good things when it comes to getting passionate and creative in the bedroom.

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