Why Track Erections?

Why Track Erections?


The Benefits of Tracking Nocturnal Erections

What is an erection tracker?  How does it work? And why every man needs one.

Erection trackers measure the erections that you aren’t aware of because you are in a deep sleep, known as REM sleep. Urologists believe that a healthy man should have three to five per night. But the research on which this is based is limited and old. While it has fallen out of fashion, in the recent past, a device called the Rigiscan was employed. It involved wires wrapped around the shaft that were connected to an analyzer. This measured erections during sleep; in general, studies were conducted in a sleep lab. The Rigiscan could not be worn during sex, the situation when men care most about their sexual performance. Its placement and wires also disrupt comfortable sleep. One user compared it to something out of Dr. Frankenstein’s lab.

A more recent tracker is the Adam Sensor from Adam Health, a smaller but awkward contraption to wear and limited in the data it provides. The Adam only counts nocturnal erections, and it cannot be worn during sex... 

FirmTech’s innovative TechRing is the latest device, and most significantly, it effectively addresses the deficiencies of the Adam and the Rigiscan. The TechRing has no wires and uses a phone-based Bluetooth app, like other wearables. It is a remarkably comfortable penoscrotal ring made from soft and adaptable elastomer, and it can be worn for hours. Simply drop your testicles through the loop and then latch it in the hook on the side. You’ll have the added experience of a brassiere for balls -– the loop at the top of the testicles increases sensitivity and holds them in for caresses.

Worn for sex or worn overnight, the sensors measure the firmness and duration of every erection. Upload your data to the smart app, and you’ll be given a visualization of your sexual performance and health. You will receive your personal Erectile Fitness score after four or more readings. This revolutionary device will change the practice of urology and sexology. Worn in the comfort of your bed rather than a lab setting, your urologist or primary physician will have access to objective data about your sexual health. 

Your Erectile health is the “canary in the coal mine” of vascular and diabetic diseases. It is a leading indicator if something is going wrong with your vascular system. If you aren’t having nocturnal erections or the average number decreases, you may have a serious problem or medical reaction and should see a healthcare provider.