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Education, Communication, and Data

We were tasked by urologists to create a device to measure nocturnal erections, a leading indicator of vascular health. We decided to make a superior penile constriction ring at the same time. We opened the ring for easier application, and we used a soft elastomer as the material. Unlike taut silicone, elastomer adjusts to the wearer’s body and rests comfortably and can be worn for
 extended periods. (Another necessary feature for measuring all night). 

 The ring facilitates firmer erections for patients, can be viewed as a sexual wellness aid and not as a stigma-inducing crutch. No longer will most urologists tell patients to “find something on Amazon”. 

 We realized that a ring without the tech would also be useful. Not everyone needs to measure on a daily basis - but some folks like to have sex that often. The Performance ring was thus designed with a smaller hook and flatter box, purely to enhance pleasure and sustain erections.

 Our customers were instructed to twist a loop in the ring for a tighter fit. We realized some men preferred a tighter ring. The MaxPR was created. We value an interdisciplinary approach, using doctors, podcasters, and sexologists for patient advocacy and sexual positivity. We’d like to reach our users through people interested in their sexual health and willing to discuss it with them.

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Designed for All Men and those who love them

Our rings were doctor designed for comfort and pleasure enhancement. They are partner- approved as well.

 The patients can share their data with you or you can create a data room for your patients. Our TechRing will give you access to data for understanding your clients needs and issues. Our other rings can also help with ED and other urological issues such as climacturia and premature ejaculation. You and your clients can monitor the effects of medications and disease on their sexual health.

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