How To Use an Erectile Performance Ring to Improve Erections

For many men, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a challenge. In fact, by the age of 50, half of the male population struggles with ED.  For every decade after 50, rates increase another 10%.  With ED comes shame, frustration and stigma, but the FirmTech team is here to assist. FirmTech, a patented, revolutionary device, was designed by a team of experts to wrap comfortably around male anatomy to help men stay harder, longer.  FirmTech can be worn erect or flaccid, making it unique to other competitors. But FirmTech is not just for men with ED, FirmTech can also improve performance for all men. FirmTech is backed by science, thorough testing and years of experience.  

What is an erection performance ring?

 Commonly known as a “cock ring,” an erection performance ring is a male aid which helps to maintain an erection while also providing increased stimulation, added sensitivity, a delayed and finally, a more intense orgasm.   Also known as constriction or tension rings, erection performance rings go around the penis to slow blood flow back into the body, making erections harder and longer lasting. FirmTech devices are unique in the market as they are flexible, one-size-fits-all, and easily adjustable.  Unlike other options in the marketplace, FirmTech’s unique “loop and hook” design offers ease-of-mind as it won’t ever pinch or get stuck on its wearer. 

Why would you want to wear a cock ring?

There is a variety of reasons to wear a cock ring.  For many, cock rings are a useful aid when dealing with Erectile Dysfunction.  Because performance rings operate as a vasoconstrictor and restrict blood from returning back to the body, wearers often experience larger, harder, and longer erections.  Additionally, many performance ring customers report increased sensitivity and more intense orgasms – for both partners.  For others, cock rings are sex toys which enhance the experience in the bedroom. Simply, cock rings increase intensity making masturbation, intercourse and oral sex more pleasurable. 

How do you use a cock ring?

Also known as a “stamina” ring, cock rings can be worn on just the shaft of the penis or around the scrotum, as well.  FirmTech has taken the guess work out of sizing – our patented design fits any body and can be tightened with a simple twist.  Our website, features user-friendly images to help wearers get the perfect fit and a user manual will also be included in your delivery.  What sets FirmTech apart is its ability to be worn erect or flaccid – as an ”underwearable.” As a result, FirmTech can be put on well before showtime.  Another unique feature is our “hook and loop” design – making our performance rings much easier to put on, by you or your partner. 

Do they help with Erectile Dysfunction?

Performance rings can be helpful for men experiencing ED. Once erect, the ring will prevent blood flow from returning to the body and help its wearers stay harder, longer.  Additionally, performance rings are useful in combating Premature Ejaculation (PE) issues as well. According to the American Urological Association, you should avoid rigid cock rings made of metal or hard plastic as the rings can become stuck, cause excessive swelling and ultimately damage the urethra.  FirmTech’s state-of-the-art design is soft, adjustable, and can be worn safely – providing ease of mind for its customers.

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