3 Benefits Of Using A Penis Ring

Penis rings are common sexual aids for men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED). While penis - or cock - rings are helpful for men battling ED, those without ED can also enhance and heighten their sexual experiences with these toys. Penis rings are designed to restrict blood flow from the penis to the rest of the body, promoting longer, harder erections for the wearer. Below are three ways a penis ring can improve your sexual health:

  1. Improves Sensation

Cock rings are worn snuggly around the base of the penis.  As a result, the blood flow returning back into the body is slowed and allows men to stay harder, longer.  Additionally, many claim that penis rings can make sex more pleasurable by prolonging the build up to climax, leading to a more intense orgasm.  

  1. Erectile Dysfunction Aid

Constriction rings are often used with vacuum erectile devices to aid in Erectile Dysfunction management.  Anecdotally, many wearers have shared that their erections are stronger and have less difficulty staying up during sex versus without an aid. Many rings are safe to use with prescription medication for Erectile Dysfunction as well. 

  1. Increases Satisfaction

Improved sensation and delayed orgasms for men often result in better quality sex and pleasure for both partners. Cock rings can be beneficial for users who struggle with premature ejaculation and many come with added features such as nubs or vibrators to maximize pleasure for the wearer’s partner.  

A healthy mind and body are critical to erectile function.  If you are recently experiencing Erectile Dysfunction, consult with your physician.