How Erection Assistance Devices Improve Sexual Performance in Men With ED

Erection Assistance Device

Erection Assistance Devices 

Going soft whenever you are in an intimate setting can be quite embarrassing, but erections aids, commonly called “cock rings”,  can help the majority of men. Erection enhancing rings are made to improve individual comfort, performance, and pleasure. A new ring to the market, FirmTech’s Performance Ring, addresses Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and  is uniquely comfortable and easy-to-use.  FirmTech’s ring is made of soft elastomer, and fits any size. The ring's unique latch-and-loop design makes putting it on a breeze; erect or flaccid.

Once it is wrapped about the base of the penis, the Performance Ring restricts blood from returning to the body from the genitals. As a result, wearers can expect harder erections and delayed, longer, and more intense orgasms. Moreover, it delivers pleasure enhancements to you and your partner during lovemaking sessions. 

Penile Performance Ring

FirmTech’s erection assistance device incorporates several elements to minimize slippage. Once you have the ring on, it does not move, slip, or rotate. Furthermore, the soft proprietary material is safe for human use, clings to the body sensually and facilitates comfortable erections. If you have been diagnosed with ED, wearing this for long periods will not pinch or get stuck. Also, users may adjust the ring's fit easily to allow for maximum comfort based on personal preference.

Can a Penis Ring Can Improve Sexual Performance and Satisfaction? 

A mens penis ring can benefit sexual stamina, overall pleasure, and bedroom satisfaction. Modern designs incorporate proprietary materials to minimize discomfort, leading to enhanced pleasure. They are helpful for men suffering from ED, as they stop blood flow away from the penis, but can also increase sensation for users without ED as well.

Improved Sexual Performance

Discussion of sexual performance is often lacking due to stigma and being a taboo topic.  Therefore, it can feel increasingly embarrassing if there are issues, problems or deficiencies. Using a cock ring or other aid can alleviate most issues, thanks to its effects on blood flow back into the body. With the FirmTech Performance Ring, simply put on the ring, cinch it tight to your personal preference, and enjoy the boost to bedroom performance and increased stamina. Most wearers report intensified orgasms, longer-lasting lovemaking sessions, and no irritation or negative side effects. 

Longer-Lasting Erections 

An erection occurs when blood engorges the penile tissue, stiffening it. Unfortunately, as men age, this process naturally weakens, leading to potential ED issues. In fact, 50% of men will experience ED by age 50.  By wearing a cock ring around the penis and testicles, blood stops flowing away from it. As such, erections stay hard for longer, and you can enjoy sex without worry. 

Enhanced Orgasm Intensity

Orgasm strength often has a direct correlation with the duration of sexual activity. So, this ring's blood-restricting effect can also improve the strength of a man's orgasms. In addition, it can improve satisfaction for both partners as women often need more time to climax. 

Beneficial for Erectile Fitness

Since this device prevents blood flow away from the penis, erections last longer. In addition, orgasms must have more time to develop, and they are more intense once they happen. 

Regular sexual intercourse can decrease a man's cardiovascular mortality risk by up to 50%. Most men who have experienced a cardiac episode had reported ED symptoms in the years prior. Other men who experience ED may also be diabetic or pre-diabetic, or have high blood pressure.

Furthermore, having a healthy sex life lowers prostate cancer risk by up to 33%, increases cardiovascular health and reinvigorates the mind and body by improving sleep, promotes healthy relationships and reduces stress. 

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