How to Maintain an Erection Longer?


At least 30 million American men will struggle at some point in their lives with getting – and maintaining an erection.  While older men and men with pre-existing conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or hypertension are at the greatest risk for Erectile Dysfunction (ED), the incidence is 20% by age 30.

Many factors may help improve your sexual stamina and ability to maintain an erection longer:

  1. Improved diet: healthy eating habits make a significant difference in your overall health and wellness.  Keeping your circulatory system strong will improve your erectile health.  Heart-healthy, flavonoid-rich foods like berries, cherries, soybeans, apples, and green vegetables can help.  Some research suggests that a Mediterranean diet may also help with Erectile Dysfunction (ED).
  2. Regular exercise: doing physical activities you love or even walking for 30 minutes a day  can keep ED away (in some instances, a 40% increase in performance).  Pelvic floor activities, also known as Kegel exercises, can also be helpful in strengthening sexual anatomy.
  3. Cut alcohol and smoking: both habits can negatively affect your ability to perform sexually.
  4. Weight management: several studies have found that men who fall into the “overweight” or “obese” categories may experience improved erectile health when they lose weight.
  5. Stress reduction: mental stress or anxiety can also trigger ED.  If stress, anxiety or performance anxiety are significantly impacting your daily life (including your sex life), make an appointment with a licensed mental health counselor or sex therapist, if possible.
  6. Better sleep: sleep issues and disorders are often common in men with ED. Establish a nightly routine, treat sleep apnea and insomnia, and set your bedroom up to encourage better sleep (dark curtains, cooler temperatures, etc).
  7. Communicate with your partner: if you are in a relationship, communicate freely and openly with your partner.  Having open lines of communication and trust will decrease stress, anxiety and encourage better sleep…and intimacy. 
  8. Don’t be too shy or proud to use penis rings (also known as cock rings or constriction rings). They are effective and  can help you stay harder, longer, by reducing blood flow back into the body.  While most rings must be put on erect, some rings – like FirmTech – can also be put on flaccid, helping to maintain spontaneity in your love life.
  9. Prescription medication: your physician can also prescribe medication to help with your erectile function.