2023 Sex Toy Trends

Completing a whirlwind tour of 2023 industry expos and conventions, FirmTech's founder, Dr. Elliot Justin, wraps up his observations on what is “hot” and new in 2023.  Following CES, AVN, and XBIZ this month, Dr. Justin noted that the sex toy industry is focused on new vibrations and strokers to maximize pleasure for all. 

Additionally, app-utilizing vibrators for long-distance play made the list of “hot toys” for the year.  These toys connect to apps on your phone and give you access to them from anywhere in the world. This makes remote sex possible when you’re away from your partner and offers a new meaning to “phone sex.” FirmTech, on the other hand, utilizes Bluetooth and app technology to assist men in tracking essential health and erectile metrics.

Unfortunately, Dr. Justin - who founded FirmTech - to help men increase their sexual wellness and maximize overall health - was disappointed at the lack of wellness-focused sex toys and tech.  Individuals struggling with diabetes, arthritis, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature Ejaculation, and other medical concerns are missing from the market. That is where FirmTech comes in.  

FirmTech's groundbreaking Tech Ring is not only a sex-enhancing toy that prolongs erections, but also a valuable personal wellness tool. Designed by physicians and recommended by urologists, this innovative ring can be safely worn solo for extended periods to monitor nocturnal erections or during intercourse, providing crucial insights into overall vascular health.

In addition to our own advancements, we are inspired by other trailblazing products in the industry. Lioness is a smart vibrator designed for women by women. The Lioness Vibrator 2.0 combines built-in sensors and a mobile app to transform the sexual experience. By seamlessly integrating pleasure and technology, Lioness empowers users to visualize their arousal and orgasms.

In a world buzzing with new vibrations and pleasure-enhancing innovations, FirmTech stands at the forefront, empowering individuals to understand their bodies and embrace pleasure with confidence. As Dr. Justin sets his sights on the future, he envisions a world where wellness and pleasure intertwine, paving the way for transformative sex toys that cater to all needs.