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Men: there’s a fresh, pleasure-enhancing sex toy on the market that will change the way you think about cock rings!

The FirmTech Performance Ring (FPR) will give you better erections, increase endurance and hardness, all while heightening your orgasms.

Science - and strategic engineering - are behind this groundbreaking design. Unlike conventional silicon or metal erection rings, the FPR is uniquely comfortable, adapting to your body without pinching. The FPR is easy to put on and take off around your favorite organ.

At the pinnacle of cock ring pleasure and effectiveness, the elastomer of the FirmTech cock ring applies just the right amount of firm and customizable pressure. The FPR can be put on when you are hard, or when you are soft. Plus, the placement of the latch and its firmness can be great for hitting a female partner’s clitoris.

Studies have shown that increased sex can lead to a plethora of mental, and physical, health benefits.

You won’t need to interrupt play, as it can be worn for hours. Go from good to great.

You may not want to take it off.

Get Firm with the Performance Ring.