FirmTech x Bathmate

What's Your Erectile Fitness Score?

Track, understand, and optimize your sexual performance with the FirmTech Tech Ring. (Use code: BATHTECH20 for 20% off)

Many men experience fluctuations in erectile function but lack objective data to understand the extent or potential underlying causes.

Firmtech developed a new objective score to assess penile health. The score was created along side sexologists and urologists. Just like your sleep score or activity score from other wearables you may use the EFS is equally as important.

Whether you have a problem already or you just want to check in on your favourite organ, Firmtech is the solution for you. Now you can stay in tune with your sexual wellness and take action to keep your penis working for a lifetime!
Identify potential issues early on.
Track progress and improbement.
Take tailored action on accurate data.

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FirmTech Tech Ring. Take control of your sexual health and performance!

Discreet and easy to use, our revolutionary erection ring can be worn during sexual activity to enhance pleasure, as well as overnight, to gather objective data on your sexual health. Track your erectile health and find out your erectile fitness score TODAY!

Originally $275.00 
Now $220.00 (Use Code: BATHTECH20)

Key features of our erection tracker:
  • Built in sensors
  • Connects to app via bluetooth
  • Tracks and monitors firmness and duration of all erections
  • Counts number of nocturnal erections
  • Designed to keep blood in the penis to prolong erections
  • Penoscrotal design, wraps around testicles and shaft
  • Light pressure on urethra intensifies orgasms
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Trusted by urologists
  • USB rechargeable
  • Water resistant
  • Phthalate and latex free.
The FirmTech Tech Ring is the award-winning smart erection ring designed by doctors to track your erectile fitness, while making your erections firmer and intensifying your orgasms. It was awarded the “Most Innovative Sex Toy in 2023”.
The water-based💧 technology at the core of bathmate hydropumps is not just a proven👌 method for improving erectile🍆 performance, but a catalyst for an enriched life💓 beyond the bedroom.

Elevate your sexual health journey by pairing the Tech Ring's data-driven insights with the proven results of Bathmate. This dynamic duo offers a comprehensive approach to understanding, optimizing, and enhancing your erectile function.

 1.Track and Assess: Start by using the Tech Ring to establish your baseline Erectile Fitness Score (EFS). This gives you a clear picture of your current performance and identifies areas for improvement.

2. Enhance and Strengthen: Incorporate Bathmate into your daily routine. Regular use of the Bathmate hydro pump can increase blood flow, strengthen erectile tissues, and boost overall sexual performance.

3. Monitor and Refine: Continue tracking your EFS with the Tech Ring to see how Bathmate is working for you. Monitor improvements over time and adjust your Bathmate routine as needed for optimal results.

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