Presented At the Society for Sexual Medicine of North America November 2023

Pre-Publication Studies Completed Fall 2023

1. Novel penile tumescence monitoring device objectively demonstrates shorter-lasting spontaneous erections in men with erectile dysfunction

Shi Liang, Masaya Jimbo, Jessica N Schardein, Kelli X Gross, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT,  Riley G Daily, FirmTech Inc., Bozeman, MT

A novel penile constriction ring has been developed with built-in sensors that connect with a phone app to record the # and duration of erections (FirmTech Inc, Bozeman, MT).

Conclusions: We report preliminary data suggesting that the novel penile constriction ring may be a convenient, noninvasive tool to objectively measure patients’ EF. 

The # and duration of erections have no correlation with SHIM scores, highlighting the latter’s limitation in assessing a patient’s EF.

2. Penile Constriction Devices: A Complete Survey Study to Compare Preference Between One or Two Bands.

Daniela Orozco Rendon, BS; Gal Saffati, MD; Christine Whitehead, BSN, RN; Caroline Zuckerman BS, RN; Amy Hom, BS; Riley Daily, MS; Mohit Khera, MD, MPH, MBA; Philip J. Cheng, MD

Conclusions: The findings suggest when comparing penile constriction devices, men prefer the FirmTech device over the Eddie by Giddy with respect to ease of putting on the device, comfort, stretch, and adjustability. Thus, they are more likely to use the device in their sexual activities and recommend it to others.

3. Measurement of Clitoral Pulse Amplitude with a Wearable Device 

Ashley Winter, MD                         

Objectives: To test a new, wearable, clitoral pulse sensor designed for at-home use for correlation with subjective arousal for proof of concept. Overall, this positive relationship indicates that a commercially available pulse sensor could be integrated into a future device to measure physical arousal in women, a metric which was previously not widely available.




World Journal of Mens Health, 2023 Oct; 41(4):

An Update on the Use of Wearable Devices in Men’s Health

The use of wearable devices in medical practice presents a novel avenue to invest in men’s health in a safe, easily scalable, and economic fashion.

A penis ring known as FirmTech™ ring is marketed as a device that can indicate cardiovascular health, the duration of erection, and the firmness of the penis. Although there are currently no published studies on its efficacy, its proposed mechanism to assess changes in sexual and cardiovascular health is valid. The ring's ability to count the number of nocturnal erections over time may provide important data to patients and clinicians.