How to Choose the Best Erection Ring

best erection ring

What is an erection ring?

Erection rings are a circular band which wraps around the base of the penis.  Erection rings – also called cock rings – can make the wearer’s penis larger and harder, for longer by restricting blood flow back into the body.

Erection rings can be worn by individuals with and without Erectile Dysfunction (ED) and improve sensitivity for both groups. 

Some men simply wear cock rings for visual appeal.  FirmTech, a revolutionary erection ring, can be worn by any man looking to seek any of the benefits above. 

Do erection rings work?

While everybody is different, there is overwhelming research that erection rings are beneficial to maintaining an erection resulting in a more pleasurable sexual experience. 

Erectile Dysfunction is described as a condition where it is difficult to get or sustain an erection.  Erection rings are a useful aid as they restrict blood flow from returning to the body, allowing wearers to stay harder, longer. 

With more stamina, partners report a more fulfilling sexual experience as well. Most erection wings – such as Eddie by Giddy – only work if the user is fully erect or half-erect. 

FirmTech’s Performance Ring, on the other hand, can be worn flaccid or erect and can be easily removed with its patented hook-and-loop design.  

What are other names for Erection Rings?

Erection rings, specifically for users with ED, are also called cock rings, constriction bands, penis rings, tension bands or rings. Some popular brands for erection rings include CalExotics, Eddie, LoveHoney, Oxball, and FirmTech

How will it feel when I am wearing it?

While every cock ring is different, the FirmTech Performance Ring is a malleable and soft silicone which wraps securely, but gently, moving with your body.  Other rings are made of metal or hard plastic and may feel more restrictive. 

In general, all erection rings increase sensation making sexual experiences more pleasurable.  With any ring, erections are harder, and last longer, making orgasms even more intense – and frequent for your partner.

If an erection ring is causing discomfort, it is not the right fit.  

Will my partner feel it? Will they like it? 

One erection ring user reported to Cosmopolitan, “my wife and I also notice more girth when I wear mine.  Also, I do find it helps me last longer…orgasms feel more intense too.”

For partners with a vagina, erection rings can increase stimulation to the clitoris and result in increased frequency due to longer stamina.  A wife of a FirmTech user had rave reviews: “What a pleasant surprise. 

The placement of the sensor has a dual purpose.  The design is creative, thoughtful and very unselfish.” 

What is the best material for an Erection Ring?

Erection rings come in a variety of materials and ultimately the preferred material is up to the user.  Many rings – including FirmTech – use soft proprietary material for increased comfort while still producing firmer erections.  Most cock rings are made of silicone, rubber, hard plastic or metal. 

In general, silicone is one of the best sex toy materials around as it is easy to clean, stretchy and hygienic. 

What is the average price of an Erection Ring?

Penis rings come in a variety of quality and price options.  Ranging from $8 for single-use all the way into the $200+ dollars.  The price of each erection ring also varies depending on the targeted goal. 

Users may want to help with Erectile Dysfunction concerns, Premature Ejaculation issues, increased partner stimulation, intensify their own orgasms or simply try something new for one night.  

In summary, choosing the best Erection Ring is dependent on a variety of variables: goals, budget, life stage and personal preference of both partners. 

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