Biohacking and Sexual Health: Track it to Hack it Now with with the TechRing

Biohacking is the progressive 21st century path to science supported, life sustaining and prolonged health, and personal improvement. This innovative concept involves making strategic interventions in our lifestyle to enhance our body's natural functioning. Among the various facets of health that biohacking aims to improve, sexual health stands out as a crucial, yet often overlooked, aspect. For example, Dr. Peter Attia’s best seller, Outlive-The Science and Art of Longevity, doesn’t even mention sex in its index.  Yet, daily sex can reduce cortisol, the stress hormone, by 50%. Frequent sex reduces inflammation markers and improves the immune system. It can even decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease.

 The TechRing, introduced by FirmTech at the Dave Asprey Biohacking Conference last year, is turning heads. Now men can track and hack the vital signs of their sexual performance. In this golden age of healthcare wearables, the TechRing is the world’s first monitor of men’s “erectile fitness”.

Understanding the Link Between Hormones, Supplements, and Sexual Health

 Sexual health is a complex interplay of physical, emotional, and hormonal factors. At the core of this intricate balance are hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, which play pivotal roles in regulating libido, sexual function, and overall vitality. Biohackers have long advocated for the use of oral and injectable supplements to optimize these hormone levels, thereby enhancing sexual health. However, the challenge has always been to monitor objectively the effectiveness of these interventions..

Enter the TechRing: The Game-Changer in Sexual Health Biohacking

 The TechRing is a research proven, urologist recommended, tool, designed specifically to address this gap in wearables for health. By providing real-time data on firmness and duration of erections, the TechRing empowers men and their health care providers to make informed decisions about their goal of biohacking their sexual wellness.

 Here's how the TechRing can revolutionize your approach to biohacking and sexual health:

 1. Hormonal Balance Monitoring: Users can gauge the effectiveness and dosing of their testosterone regimens.

 2. Cardiovascular  Disease Management: Worn overnight, the TechRing counts the number and measures the duration and firmness of erections, which is a leading, predictive indicator of cardiovascular disease. If the numbers go down, a major problem is likely and users should seek an evaluation..

 3. Prescribed  Medication Side Effects Assessment: Common blood pressure, depression, insomnia medications can impact sexual health. The TechRing can aid in the objective assessment and even help with changes in dosage with the input of your healthcare provider..

4. Supplements, Exercises and LifeStyle Changes: With objective, personal and actionable data, men see what really works for them and tailor their fitness and supplements for optimal, cost effective results.

 The TechRing at the Dave Asprey Biohacking Conference

 When FirmTech unveiled the TechRing at the Dave Asprey Biohacking Conference last year, it was met with enthusiasm from the biohacking community. Many attendees were particularly impressed by its potential to provide actionable insights into sexual health—a topic that, despite its importance, has received limited attention in the biohacking space.


 The intersection of biohacking and sexual health represents a frontier of wellness that is ripe for exploration. With tools like the TechRing, individuals have unprecedented opportunities to take control of their sexual health, using data-driven insights to implement effective biohacks. Whether it's optimizing hormone levels with supplements or enhancing wellbeing through lifestyle changes, the TechRing offers a personalized path to improved sexual health and overall vitality.