How To Connect Your Tech Ring With The Firmtech Application

Place the Tech Ring onto the charging dock aligning the wireless charging icons on the Tech Ring and the Dock.

Wrap the Tech Ring CLOCKWISE around the charger.

When the Tech Ring is charging a red pulsating light will appear. Once fully charged, a constant green light will appear. It is not necessary for the device to be fully charged to be used.

Short press the power button located on the side. A blue light will appear.

Open the FirmTech App on your mobile device and press PAIR.

To activate recording, press the power button once. 10 flashing green lights will appear. While recording, there will be no lights.

To stop recording press the power button for 3 seconds until 3 red lights flash. This will stop the recording and turn off your Tech Ring.

Short press the power button. Open APP and press PAIRING. The device will have a constant blinking blue light when paired with the APP.

While uploading keep the device near the phone until the uploading is complete (about three minutes). Do not pair or upload while wearing the device.

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Pull the ring underneath and place it in the latch on the other side of the device to secure hold.


Want extra tightness? Pull on the side of the ring to cinch tighter. Or twist the loop one or more times before hooking to increase pressure and stimulation.