Vasectomies and Orgasms: Everything You Need To Know


What is a vasectomy?

Each year, nearly 500,000 men will undergo a vasectomy in the United States.  In total, about 50 million men have had the procedure in the US.  A vasectomy is a low-risk surgery which is an extremely effective form of permanent (although it can be reversed in many cases) birth control.  In short, the operation stops sperm from leaving your body by closing off the ends of the vas deferens - the tubes which carry sperm.  It is important to note that although it does prevent pregnancy, it does not protect against sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Most vasectomies cost somewhere between $1,000-$3,000 making them a long-term and cost-effective birth control method. 

While there may be some mild bruising, swelling or mild discomfort immediately after the vasectomy, there are hardly any negative side effects.  For most patients, they are able to return to their normal routines at work - and in the bedroom - within a week.  Although you can have intercourse just a week after the procedure, semen analyses are still important to ensure that you are not fertile. 


How do vasectomies effect your health?

Many men are curious if their testosterone levels or sex drive will decline after a vasectomy.  The short answer is absolutely not!.  Your sexual performance won’t experience any physical changes; erections and orgasms will remain the same and ejaculate amounts will too as 90% of the ejaculate comes from the seminal vesicles, not the testicles.  Many couples even report increased sexual spontaneity, pleasure and satisfaction without having to worry about contraception in the heat of the moment.  

Research also suggests that undergoing a vasectomy does not lead to any concerning, long-term health issues, either.  In fact, according to the American Urological Association, having a vasectomy has no correlation to increased heart disease or cancer. 

If you are experiencing any sexual performance problems after your vasectomy, please consult the operating physician or another urologist.  Sexual dysfunction is often a warning sign for underlying mental or physical health issues.  Exciting new devices to the sexual health/wellness market like the FirmTech Tech Ring can help wearers both increase their pleasure and function as a diagnostic tool, tracking nocturnal erection activity and strength of erection.