Stay Firm and Fit for Love: Maximizing your Performance in the Bedroom

Popstar Labs and Firmtech are teaming up with some tips (and not just the tip) on improving your sexual health and maximizing your confidence in the bedroom. If you have been following our blogs, you know that we speak openly and honestly about erectile dysfunction and orgasm satisfaction. We aim to deliver the latest and greatest in men's sexual health solutions. Popstar and Firmtech founders, Dr Joshua Gonzalez and Dr Elliot Justin have teamed up to give men the key to real confidence and pleasure in the bedroom. To celebrate, both companies are giving away products this March.  Be sure to follow @myfirmtech and @popstarlabs on Instagram to enter (competition ends Friday, March 17 2023).

Popstar Labs 

Who doesn't want better orgasms? Popstar is a revolutionary sexual health supplement formulated by two sexual medicine doctors focused on making sex more enjoyable for everyone. A proprietary blend of six ingredients, Popstar enhances orgasm by promoting larger loads while changing the taste to a sweet pineapple. You heard that right, the game has changed! 

Founded in West Hollywood after hearing men of all ages ask for help with better orgasms, Popstar Labs aims to restore confidence to men struggling with performance anxiety. The daily supplement Popstar was born out of a real need and works to provide men with bigger loads and better tasting semen. Welcome to your new sex norm: stronger orgasms and loads more fun for you and your partner!

FirmTech Erection Rings

The Performance Ring:

If you're having trouble getting - or staying hard, you should put a ring on it! The FirmTech Performance Ring that is! Doctor-designed and developed, FirmTech is your new favorite erection ring: A cock ring that really works - and cares. 

FirmTech offers two ground-breaking products. The FirmTech Performance Ring (FPR) is a new take on the traditional cock ring.  The FPR features a patented hook-and-loop closure, a soft elastomer material, and one-size-fits-all design all while helping keep blood in the penis for longer, harder erections…and even added girth.  Because of its unique design, the FPR is the most effective - and safest - cock ring on the market.  It can even be put on flaccid, allowing you to keep the spontaneity of the moment.  

Popstar and FirmTech believe in sexual fitness over dysfunction. Sexual health over anxiety. Confidence as the new norm. So stay firm and fit for love with Popstar and FirmTech Performance Ring. Together we are running a social media campaign. Like and follow our campaign posts on social for the chance to win a free FPR and Popstar Labs bottle. 


The Tech Ring:

The Firmtech Tech Ring features the same structural design but acts as a dick-tective, the Sherlock Holmes of schlongs. The FirmTech technology tracks the frequency, firmness, and duration of your nighttime erections to better understand your cardiovascular health while helping you stay hard! Think: a Fitbit for your dick! The data is then shared via Bluetooth to a user-friendly, private app. The Tech Ring and its data can help you track how lifestyle changes, prescription or recreational drugs, adjustments in diet or exercise and other factors contribute to your erectile health. We've certainly come a long way since Charlotte put a ring of paper around her husband's dick in Sex and the City to track his nocturnal erections!

Now you may be thinking: What can I do with this information? The data that Firmtech Tech ring provides can shed light on the cause of why your penis might be a little less al dente than you'd like.

ED has many physical and mental contributors. For example, a persistent decrease in rigidity can indicate diabetes, high blood pressure, or clogged blood vessels. Certain medications can contribute to ED as well. Healthy lifestyle choices such as increasing exercise and reducing drinking can help with ED. With the help of the FirmTech Ring and your healthcare provider, you can track to see if certain changes in your lifestyle help your ED.


 Authors: Joshua Gonzalez MD and Elliot Justin MD