Sex Across The Decades: Sex In Your 40's

The way we have sex changes as we get older. This shift occurs both physically and emotionally. Not only do our bodies change, but so do our desires and our ability to experience pleasure. On one hand hormones begin shifting and on the other, by the time you reach your 40's, people tend to report having greater life experience. 

It’s commonly known that a man’s testosterone declines in his 40s and along with it, goes his energy, libido, muscle tone, and erection strength. Whereas a woman’s estrogen either shoots up or takes a sharp decline. Ultimately, her cycle undergoes changes causing her moods, energy, weight, and sleep to destabilize.

Meanwhile, people in their 40s tend to report higher confidence, curiosity and comfort. This tends to translate as women experiencing better orgasms and men craving emotional connection, as a prerequisite for sexual satisfaction (and sometimes performance). Women are oftentimes more in their bodies by this age and can therefore tap into more pleasure, putting their partners in the hot seat. Men in their 40s tend to have performance inconsistency and no longer want to waste time and energy on just anyone. Many report using an erection prescription medication as a crutch by the time they reach their 50s, that they’re afraid to have sex without it. Needless to say this can result in some unwanted erections, if you’re still single and dating. 

When our bodies aren’t feeling 100%, sex can feel like work. How can sex feel more fun in your 40s? 

Our devices solve a lot of these physical pain points while allowing for the cultivation of more intimacy, hitting two birds with one stone! Treating sex like an adventure rather than a challenge means trying different ways to adapt to the shifts and changes that we all experience as we age. People who try our devices report feeling young again because their sex lives are better than they were in their 30s!