Selecting the Right Penis Ring

Penis rings are a simple and popular performance enhancing sex toy. Penis/cock rings give men more pleasure and endurance in the bedroom.  Worn snuggly around the base of the penis to restrict blood outflow from the penis back to the body, men can achieve longer erections and more intense orgasms.

While all penis rings are circular in shape, they differ in size, composition, design, and style.  Selecting the best ring often comes down to personal preference of the user and their partner.

The Material Of Cock Rings Vary:

Penis rings are usually made from silicone, which can be taut and sometimes challenging to put on and pinching during sex. When flaccid, silicone can inhibit the blood flow into the penis and potentially decrease erections. A few rings are made from soft elastomer, which does not interfere with blood flow into the penis and only restrains the outflow.  These more flexible rings can feel less constrictive and more adaptable to the wearer’s body. Rings made from leather, metal, and hard plastic are for a more kinky look and purpose.

Ultimately, it is important to feel comfortable with the ring you choose.  All penis rings must be worn snuggly to be effective and avoid moving during intercourse but should never pinch, cause pain, or cut off circulation.  If wearing a cock ring becomes painful at any point, remove the toy immediately. 

Many users find lube helpful when using their penis ring and softer rings are recommended for newer users. Since every person is unique, it is also helpful to read product reviews from previous customers for honest feedback when researching which ring might be best for you. Note that men with significant diabetes and  penis abnormalities that bend the penis should consult a healthcare provider for advice before using an erection ring.

Sexual Benefits Of Rings:

Penis rings are commonly called cock rings and they have obvious sexual benefits for the wearer and can also benefit their partners.  For female partners, increased male endurance in the bedroom thanks to a penis ring can allow them more time to climax as well.  Additionally, many cock rings on the market include clitoral stimulation features.

A new option to hit the market which is friendly for new and for experienced sex toy connoisseurs, the FirmTech Performance Ring, features a patented hook-and-loop design. This unique device can be put on flaccid or erect.  The Performance Ring is made of soft elastomer and moves seamlessly with the body. Unlike many of its more rigid counterparts, this ring can be worn hours before sex to increase sexual spontaneity and be worn safely for hours without fear of complications. 

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