How To Use an Erectile Performance Ring to Improve Erections

Erectile Dysfunction (ED) is a challenge many men face, particularly as they get older.  Nearly 50% of men will experience ED by age 50 with rates of ED increasing 10% every decade after.  Younger men can also struggle with ED due to medication side effects, excessive consumption of drugs or alcohol, illness, or mental health problems such as PTSD, anxiety or depression.  

Treatments for ED 

ED can be treated with a variety of remedies including prescription medication like Viagra or Cialis and vacuum penile pumps.  With the rising cost of prescriptions, natural solutions and improvement of overall health can also be beneficial to those struggling with ED. 

 Erection rings – also known as “cock rings” – are often used as Erectile Dysfunction aids.  Cock rings restrict the blood flow from returning to the body during sex, allowing erections to stay harder, longer while also increasing sensation to the groin area.   

Health Issues and ED

Devices such as FirmTech’s smart Tech Ring (FTR) work as a traditional erection ring. The FTR features sensors which measures and communicates vital erectile health benchmarks and relays them to a personalized app via Bluetooth.  The app and its data can then be shared with the user’s physician, or partner.  

Because ED is often the side effect of overarching health, psychological, and personal habit issues, measuring erectile fitness – and overall fitness – is crucial to its wearer’s wellbeing.  ED problems can often indicate bigger problems such as heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, stress, and more.  In fact, most men who experienced a cardiac episode report Erectile Dysfunction in the years prior. 

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