FirmTech Inc. Awarded 2023 XBIZ Innovation Award

FirmTech Inc. Awarded 2023 XBIZ Innovation Award 

January 15, 2023

Last week, XBIZ recognized the Tech Ring by FirmTech Inc. as XBIZ’s 2023 “Most Innovative Sex Toy of the Year” while the Performance Ring was nominated for “The Best Male Sex Toy.”  FirmTech, a revolutionary new sex tech company, was founded by Harvard-educated physician, Dr. Elliot Justin, to help men live happier, healthier (and more pleasurable) lives. 

XBIZ, the annual industry conference in California, features adult industry leaders from across the country and provides sex-positive start-ups, like FirmTech, the opportunity to promote their innovations to established distributors and network with like-minded peers. 

FirmTech devices include a TechRing which features smart-sensor technology, Bluetooth capability, and a patented hook-and-loop design making it the smartest - and safest - penis ring on the market. Men can enjoy better love making and track important diagnostic measures of erectile health (such as firmness, duration of erections, and nocturnal erection count) from the privacy of their own home.  Once a session has been recorded using the FirmTech complimentary app, data can be shared with physicians to help track how medication, lifestyle choices, stress or cardiovascular health might be impacting the wearer. 

FirmTech’s Performance Ring has been called by sexperts, “the best ring we’ve ever tried.” The easy on, easy off design means men can put it on hard or flaccid.  Wearers can get harder - and stay harder - for significantly longer than any conventional silicon ring.

The FirmTech clinical team worked closely with Hatch Duo Design Studio to bring Dr. Justin’s vision of smart and orgasm-enhancing rings to life. Urologist recommended, sex therapist approved and partner endorsed - FirmTech helps men, and their partners, enjoy quality love making at any life stage and seeks to destigmatize the use of “under” wearables as an aid  rather than a crutch.  

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