The Relationship Between Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

One of the common but rarely discussed symptoms in men who suffer from diabetes (Types 1 and 2) is the inability to maintain an erection. According to the Mayo Clinic, Erectile Dysfunction (ED) can occur earlier in men with diabetes than in men without the disease, and difficulty sustaining an erection might precede the diabetes diagnosis.


Fifty percent of men diagnosed with diabetes have ED, which means 1 in 2 men will suffer from the condition.  It is also suggested that ED occurs 10 – 15 years sooner in men with diabetes than men without.  

The National Library of Medicine reports that the prevalence of ED in diabetic men ranges from 35 to 90 percent. 

Connection Between Diabetes and ED

There are a number of factors which connect the two conditions but the correlation boils down to damaged nerves, blood vessels, and muscle function often being impacted in men the longer they live with diabetes, and especially for those with higher blood sugars over time

Additionally, diabetes contributes to erectile dysfunction caused by one or more of the following: 

- Inadequate blood flow to the penis, which is supplied by the penile arteries

- Nerve dysfunction in the penis

- a lack of sexually enticing stimulation, as perceived by your brain

Case Study

Emmy award-nominated reporter Benno Schmidt, now a longtime diabetes activist, was diagnosed at age 20 of his Type 1 Diabetes, “I thought ED was a diabetes complication that I’d just have to live with...After a while I was resigned to the fact that I just wasn’t going to have sex,” he said to  In Schmidt’s case, he underwent a penile implant surgery, in 2013, which changed his life.    It can be cost prohibitive for many people but there are also financial assistance programs for such procedures if your insurance policy doesn’t cover this surgery.  And of course, there are medications and wellness aids that can treat this disorder as well.  

What Can be Done

It’s still possible to remedy ED through relatively simple lifestyle changes, such as ensuring you get sufficient sleep, stopping smoking, reducing alcohol and stress.  

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